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We develop and animate training and personalized trainings in two main domains : Better living at work and Orientation and Socioprofessional Insertion Our trainings are based on recent scientific research. Interactive and experiential, pragmatic and playful, they encourage challenge and invite action.

Understand and act.

Each training programme or path can be built specifically for your organization or be integrated in our inter-companies training program. Our trainings are built to ensure a skill transfer organised around situation plays relevant to your reality ; they are interactive and experiential.

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We personnalize our
for you !

Our speciality is personalized trainings !

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Team Building

Well-being at work supports team spirit To enrich your team building and day out events we provide a range of workshops and lectures focused on Well-Being.

Step back, relax together and better collaborate

From a few people to a large group, from a few hours to several days, our Team Building events are customised: workshops are selected, combined and adjusted to match your objectives. I

In English, Dutch, French.

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We personnalize your team building !

We personnalize your
team building !

Laughter Yoga, Djembé, Tibetan Bowls, Chocolate Together, Méditation and Relaxation, How to survive in a chairs world...

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Professional Codeveloppement

Make emerge and develop the collective intelligence !

Professional and managerial Codevelopment is a formative process of a new type, imported from Quebec.

The specific methodology of Codevelopment makes emerge the collective intelligence by the group dynamics. It makes possible to each participants to develop new professional competences.

Become a Professionnal Codevelopment Leader or benefit of that subtile tool in our Company.

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